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When are the courses available?

  All the courses are available all through the year except the public holidays in China.

   Please confirm your schedule with us before booking flights.

  Chinese public holidays in 2020

  *New Year's Day/Jan.1  
  *Spring Festival/Jan.18-Feb 2 
  *Tomb-Sweeping Day/Apr.4-6
  *Labour Day/May.1-5 
  *Dragon Boat Festival/Jun.25-27
  *Mid-Autumn Festival/Oct.1-8
  *National Day/Oct.1-8

How to apply a course ? 

  Step 1. Send us your application by Email or Whatsapp.

  Step 2. We confirm your application and send you invoice/contract.

  Step 3. You pay deposit for the course.

  Step 4. We send you the invitation letter for applying a Chinese visa.

  Step 5. You get visa and book the flights to China. 

What information are requested for invitation letter?

  1.Copy of your passport.

  2.Copy of your company's business license (If registered)

  3.Your schedule in China.

♦What you should prepare when coming to China for the course?

  One or two kilos of your unprocessed hair for training or buy the unprocessed hair from us.

♦Airport/Railway station 

  Airport:  Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport 

  (IATA code: CGO)

  City: Zhengzhou 

  To Vesta : 1 hour by car

  China Raiway High-speed(Bullet train): 

  Satation: Xuchangdong ( also called Xuchang East)

  City: Xuchang 

  To Vesta: 15 mins by car

  Beijing to Xuchang/3h40mins/US$50.00 (Available 06:53 a.m - 18:12p.m)

  Guangzhou to Xuchang/5h40mins/US$90.00 (Available 07:40 a.m - 16:24p.m)

  Visitors should fly to Beijing or Guangzhou first,then transfer to Xuchang by bullet train.

How to come to our training center from airport/railway station?

  We provide Free pick up service for trainees.

   Airport/Station - Hotel - Vesta Training Centre

Any interesting places around Xuchang?

  See the blow map of Xuchang surroundings.